Co-Op Change Log - 2 New Data Assets are Available!

Co-Op Change Log - 2 New Data Assets are Available!
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It’s official, we have two new data assets available: Non-PII Contact Data 1.0 and Firmographic Data 1.0. Additionally, the Full B2B Contact 2.1 data export is live and available for delivery!

As a reminder, the mission of The Data Co-op is to ensure its members have reliable access to the data they need to grow their products and services.

Here are the highlights from this delivery:

  • Non-PII Contact Data & Firmographic 1.0 exports are live
  • Standardized Firmographic data elements
  • (re)exposed mobile phone data

Available Co-op Schemas

  • Full B2B Contact Data 2.1 - Active
  • MAID/HEM Extract 2.0 - Active
  • IP/MAID Extract 1.0 - Active
  • Non-PII Contact Data 1.0 - Active
  • Firmographic Data 1.0 - Active
  • B2C Contact Data 1.0 - Early 2022

Non-PII Contact Data & Firmographic 1.0 Exports

Non-PII Contact Data 1.0: This data set is a PII-less version of the Full B2B Contact data. This data in conjunction with the MAID/HEM and IP/MAID data can be used to help build custom audiences and IP>Company mapping.

Firmographic 1.0 Data: This data set includes 11.4M companies. The following attributes are available: Company Name/ Domain, LinkedIn URL, Address, Phone #, and Revenue/ Employee counts.

Please message directly for more info on the schemas above.

Full B2B Contact Data 2.1 Updates

The primary focus of the Co-op development on the 2.1 update was spent on ensuring B2B contact's firmographic data was more accurate and standardized. See the following updates:

  • Implemented an updated version of company resolution based off of domain. This fixed unresolved versions of a company name, revenue/ employee count, and address.
  • Standardized SIC codes & industry fields - went from 170k unique industries to 1514.
  • (re)Exposed Mobile Number Data. Note: We've utilized a list of business-reserved phone designations in order to identify company phone numbers from personal phone numbers, but the Co-op is still working on projects to more accurately distinguish mobile, direct and company phone numbers from each other. As a result, if we’re unsure the designation of a phone number, we’ve decided to default that number as mobile until otherwise proven differently. Please use these numbers accordingly. Your consumption and feedback on these numbers will be integral to the Co-op as we begin to implement more validation modeling.

Upcoming Data Projects:

  1. Process Co-op Member Exhaust data (validate more phone and email data)
  2. Process net-new co-op member data contributions (improve fillrates + update records)

If you are subscribed to the Non-PII Contact Data, Firmographic Export, and/or Full B2B Contact data, you will receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we have not mentioned.

We appreciate all of your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Co-founder of The Data Co-op