Co-op Update Logs - Universal Person LIVE! - Issue #30

Note From the Founders: “Universal Person Identifier (UP_ID) lays the foundation for us to tie the UP_ID into every facet and asset of the coop and beyond - including open-source digital targeting.”

Overview and Key Highlights

  1. NEW PRODUCT:  5x5 Co-op has released our Universal Person file, driving connectivity between business and consumer personas.
  2. IP2Company has benefitted from a significant increase in IP>Company pairs, due to the effect of the UP_ID linkage, which is a testament to the efficacy of the new Universal Person product.
  3. NAICS data has been added to the B2B contact file, which will improve firmographic targeting.
  4. Bot detection has been added to our Cookie Sync, Audience Activation, and Intent Process - eliminating known and likely bot traffic, with the goal of only targeting real people.

NEW PRODUCT: Universal Person

  • Unified view of a person (one schema with both B2B and B2C features)
  • Connects salary and income data to B2B attributes
  • UP_ID now connects work, social, and consumer data
  • Dramatic increases in fill rates for key B2B features:
    • 24% increase in mobile phone data
    • 97% increase in postal address
    • 59% increase in personal emails
    • 41% increase in total observed signals in IP2Company
    • Added 985k business professionals
  • UP_ID is the foundational linkage across the co-op:
    • B2B / B2C contact files, IP2Company, B2B Resolution on Cookie Sync, B2B Social Activation, B2B Programmatic Activation, and B2B Intent.
  • Here are a few example use cases:
    • B2B Web Attribution, Audience Activation & Intent: This will provide better attribution to your audiences without limitations of just B2B or consumer attributes. We expect a ~100% increase in B2B targeting and resolution.
    • Increased B2B Social Targeting: We expect your ability to onboard B2B audiences to social to increase dramatically.
    • Recruiting: UP_ID marries comprehensive professional profile data with discrete personal email and mobile data.
    • Calling Outreach: 24% expansion in mobile numbers.

In the works: With the launch of the UP_ID, we are in a position to better inform job recency. We are working on adding features that quantify freshness of position and company data.

OTHER Product Updates

B2C Contact File:

  • SCHEMA CHANGE: UP_ID column added
  • By consolidating B2C records through the UP_ID, we have exposed 28% more consumer identities


  • 15% increase in IP>Company pairs
  • 41% increase in total observed signals (56.6 billion observed signals)
  • 17% increase in total companies

Cookie Pool/ Digital Activation:

  • Leveraging behavioral data for bot and fraud detection we were able to reduce the number of bots by 28%

Updates by Product

Product Name

Current Ver, Date


Universal Person

1.0, 6/23/23

NEW Product

B2B Contact Data

5.1, 6/23/23

Record fill rate increase, NAICS feature appended 

B2C Contact Data

2.0, 6/23/23

Record consolidation, Universal Person ID feature added


2.10, 6/23/23

Data refresh, connected to UP_ID

Firmographic Data

1.9, 6/23/23

Data refresh, NAICS appended

MAID/HEM Extract

2.20, 6/21/23

Data refresh

IP/MAID Extract

1.20, 6/21/23

Data refresh

IP/MAID DA Extract

1.16, 6/21/23

Data refresh


1.16, 6/21/23

Data refresh


1.2, 6/21/23

Data refresh

Intent/Behavioral Log File

1.1, 5/26/23

Data refresh, Bot detection

Digital Activation

1.1, 5/26/23

Data refresh, Bot detection

Cookie Pool

1.1, 5/26/23

Data refresh, Bot detection

Delivery Updates




Retention policy change:  historical deliveries now cleared. out after 30 days. 

All files updated and available 6/26/23.


All files updated and available 6/26/23.

If you are subscribed to the B2B, Consumer, Universal Person, MAID/HEM, MAID/IP, Firmographic, IP2Company, or IP2HEM exports, you'll receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we haven't mentioned.

We appreciate all your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Founder of The Data Co-op