Co-op Change Log - January Digital Data Updates!

Co-op Change Log - January Digital Data Updates!
Photo by Marius Masalar / Unsplash

MAID/HEM 2.3 & IP/MAID 1.3 updates are available!

Available Co-op Schemas

  • Full B2B Contact Data 2.3 - Last Updated: 1-7-22
  • MAID/HEM Extract 2.3 - Last Updated: 1-19-22
  • IP/MAID Extract 1.3 - Last Updated: 1-19-22
  • Non-PII Contact Data 1.2 - Last Updated: 1-19-22
  • Firmographic Data 1.2 - Last Updated: 1-7-22
  • B2C Contact Data 1.0 - Target March 2022

MAID/HEM 2.3 & IP/MAID 1.3 Updates

  • MAID/HEM 2.3: Added in dynamic time stamping to improve the accuracy of MAID last seen, providing far more granularity into the recency of MAID activity. This should improve co-op member’s onboarding rate into DSPs.
  • IP/MAID 1.3: Added an additional +247M IP/MAID pairs, giving us a total of over 11.5B IP/MAID pairs.

Next 30 Days Focus

  • Digital: Based on membership feedback we’re looking at forking the MAID/HEM product into an identity linkage product (all of our validated MAID/HEM pairs) and a Digital Activation product (MAID/HEM pairs seen in the last 60 days). We’d love feedback if you are interested in seeing this bifurcation of the MAID/HEM product into two separate deliveries.
  • B2B Full Contact: We are adding personal emails, improving the accuracy of our industry array field, and implementing an MVP of a spellchecking model to clean up job titles, once tested; this can be applied to other string fields, further improving data quality.
  • Consumer: We are finalizing the proposed consumer schema next week. If you are interested in receiving the consumer file, please let us know and we would love your feedback on the schema.
  • Platform: We’ve continued development on our automated pipelines to ensure our metadata ingest is as smooth as possible for our members; as we finalize this automation, we will reach out with any relevant details on a per-member basis.

Additionally, we will be reaching out to each of you to ensure your validation data is properly onboarded.

If you are subscribed to the MAID/HEM, IP/MAID, and Non-PII data, you will receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we have not mentioned.

We appreciate all of your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Co-founder of The Data Co-op