Co-op Change Log - November Digital Data Updates!

Co-op Change Log - November Digital Data Updates!
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

MAID/HEM 2.1 & IP/MAID 1.1 updates are available!

Available Co-op Schemas

  • Full B2B Contact Data 2.1 - Active
  • MAID/HEM Extract 2.1 - Active
  • IP/MAID Extract 1.1 - Active
  • Non-PII Contact Data 1.0 - Active
  • Firmographic Data 1.0 - Active
  • B2C Contact Data 1.0 - Early 2022

MAID/HEM 2.1 & IP/MAID 1.1 Updates

  • MAID/HEM 2.1: Improved the fill rate on platform type by 14%. Improved the accuracy of the platform types associated with Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs).
  • IP/MAID 1.1: Added 375,849,308 IP/ MAID pairs.
  • Other: Automated a # of data co-op member's digital data contributions.

Other Updates

We’re in the process of finalizing the separation of the Data Co-op into it’s own entity. The goal of separating out the Data Co-op into is own entity is to ensure longevity of the co-op for its members.

What the Co-op Needs

The co-op is focused on improving the accuracy of Telephone and email data. We have completed the workflow for ingesting the exhaust from telephone and email campaigns - please reach out with provisioning questions.

If you are subscribed to the MAID/HEM, IP/MAID, and Non-PII data, you will receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we have not mentioned.

We appreciate all of your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Co-founder of The Data Co-op