Data Co-op Update Logs - B2B 5.0 LIVE! - Issue #29

Hello Valued Co-Op Members,

Before we get started for this update we wanted to alert you that B2B 5.0, IP2Company 2.9 and IP2HEM 1.1 are now available for delivery!

We've made a critical update to how we conceptualize the B2B product. We have formally moved from B2B email based identity to a universal Person ID strategy. This shift allows us to expose a persistent ID across multiple products, enabling us to join significantly more data into B2B. This is an iterative process that we will continue to build upon – you can already see the immediate lift this has brought to the B2B fill rates below.

Highlights for this update:

  1. B2B 5.0 is live! (see descriptions below)
  2. Increased the number of companies by 63%
  3. Increased the fill rate of mobile phone numbers by 87%
  4. Increased the number of observed occurrences in IP2Company by 147%

B2B 5.0 (Universal) is LIVE!!

After months of work, B2B 5.0 (Universal) is live! Here are the release notes:

Person_ID - We have implemented a persistent Person ID across our B2B product, allowing for the significant improvements listed below:

  • Improved record accuracy - The person_ID allows us to collapse down related records to a single identity - allowing for more data to be exposed as we combine base records into one “Best Record”
  • Consolidation of duplicated identities - See example of Brian Perks:
  • Improved fill rates - here is a comparison of key features between B2B 4.7 and B2B 5.0:
  • New data ingested - We added 12 new large scale contributors

Note - We have a schema change:

When we founded the 5x5 Co-op, the first product was the B2B dataset. The original asset included limited personal email addresses which were provided by the members and the associations and accuracies therein were not curated by 5x5. With the maturity of the Co-op's Identity Graph and in consideration of a more privacy centric approach to the data we have decided to remove personal email addresses from the B2B export moving forward. If this is needed, please reach out to

IP2Company Release Notes

  • The primary way to improve the accuracy of IP2Company is to increase the volume of observed traffic. The more traffic that is observed, the more insights one has into the associated companies that frequent those IPs. 5x5 observes more web traffic than anyone else and makes those observations transparent and available to you.
  • IP2Company observed traffic has increased by 140%+ month over month (from an avg. of 168 to 415 observations per IP), resulting in higher confidences in association accuracy.
  • Ongoing improvements to the Identity Graph will continue to enhance our ability to make these associations and improve accuracy.

Available Product Schemas

  1. NEW: B2B Contact Data 5.0 - Last Updated: 5-9-23
  2. Firmographic Data 1.9 - Last Updated: 5-9-23
  3. IP2HEM 1.1 - Last Updated: 5-5-23
  4. IP2Company 2.9 - Last Updated: 5-5-23
  5. MAID/HEM Extract 2.18 - Last Updated: 4-20-23
  6. IP/MAID Extract 1.18 - Last Updated: 4-20-23
  7. IP/MAID DA Extract 1.14 - Last Updated: 4-20-23
  8. MAID/HEM DA Extract 1.14 - Last Updated: 4-20-23
  9. B2C Contact Data 1.7 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  10. NEW: Intent/ Behavioral Log File 1.0 (beta)- Live: 3-24-23
  11. NEW: Digital Activation 1.0 (beta) - Live: 3-24-23
  12. Cookie Pool 1.0 (beta) - Live: 3-6-23

If you are subscribed to the B2B, Firmographic, IP2Company, or IP2HEM exports, you'll receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we haven't mentioned.

We appreciate all your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Founder of The Data Co-op