Data Co-op Update Logs - Issue #27

Data Co-op Update Logs - Issue #27
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B2B 4.6 & IP>Company 2.7 are available for delivery!

Additional highlights for this update (more information below):

  1. Universal B2B 1.0 is under development - This will allow the Co-op to design completely custom deliveries.  
  2. Individually Attributed Behavioral/ Intent Log files are ready for testing! We're seeing one of the largest private feeds of ad-supported page events in the world.
  3. Co-op Wholesale DSP is being stood up - Ever wondered how much more effective your media spend would be if you could bundle it with a much larger media budget...

Available Product Schemas

  1. Full B2B Contact Data 4.6 - Last Updated: 3-6-23
  2. IP>Company 2.7 - Last Updated: 3-6-23
  3. Firmographic Data 1.7 - Last Updated: 3-6-23
  4. Cookie Pool 1.0 (beta) - Live: 3-6-23
  5. MAID/HEM Extract 2.16 - Last Updated: 2-17-23
  6. IP/MAID Extract 1.16 - Last Updated: 2-17-23
  7. IP/MAID DA Extract 1.12 - Last Updated:2-17-23
  8. MAID/HEM DA Extract 1.12 - Last Updated: 2-17-23
  9. B2C Contact Data 1.5 - Last Updated: 2-1-23
  10. Intent/ Behavioral Log File - beta testing!

IP>Company 2.7 & B2B 4.6.0  

Big updates from IP>Company:

  1. IP>Company has officially connected to the Cookie Pool DMP stream
  2. IP>Company linkage went from 56.4M to 84.1M (49.1% increase)

B2B 4.6 updates:

  • 4.3M records received a major update from the previous delivery
  • 1.7M records were deprecated due to a new email validation signal
  • Universal B2B coming Q2

Other Updates

Universal B2B 1.0 is under development - Universal B2B will have a more expansive definition of what a "complete record" is to handle the expanded use cases of our members. This includes the following use cases:

  • Recruiting - Personal Email, Name, Title, Firmo
  • ABM Social - Personal Email, Title, Firmo
  • Calling - Name, Title, Phone Number, Firmo
  • Mailing - Name, Title, Postal Address, Firmo
  • Social Outreach - Name, Title, LinkedIn, Firmo

Intent/ Behavioral Log File: Because 5x5 has purchased a "Super instance" of a DSP, we are now seeing 200k QPS - this means we see essentially every ad-supported page event on the web and can tie attribution at a person level (vs traditional IP resolution). For anyone building contextual audiences or an intent feed, this is a must-have. Email to learn more.

Co-op DSP: 5x5's DSP is staging campaign activation! If you're interested in media or platform activation with improved margins, email to learn more.

If you are subscribed to the B2B, Firmographic or IP>Company exports, you'll receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we haven't mentioned.

We appreciate all your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Founder of The Data Co-op