Data Co-op Change Logs - B2B 4.0 is LIVE!

Data Co-op Change Logs - B2B 4.0 is LIVE!
Photo by Adi Goldstein / Unsplash

B2B 4.0 is officially live! We appreciate everyone in the co-op's patience. This is the largest update to the B2B database, we rebuilt it from the studs up (see release notes below).

B2B 4.0 Theme: Data Efficacy (quality) is now front and center. We have been obsessed with not only building the most powerful data set but also the best self-healing one. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have been adding more quality data contributors, better signals, and automation routines. We hope this updated B2B asset reflects those efforts.

Special note: This is the first delivery of the bifurcated active B2B data and the suppression asset files!

Available Product Schemas

  • Full B2B Contact Data 4.0 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • B2C Contact Data 1.2 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • Firmographic Data 1.6 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • MAID/HEM Extract 2.8 - Last Updated: 6-20-22
  • IP/MAID Extract 1.8 - Last Updated: 6-20-22
  • IP/MAID DA Extract 1.4 - Last Updated: 6-20-22
  • MAID/HEM DA Extract 1.4 - Last Updated: 6-20-22
  • Non-PII Contact Data 1.5 - Last Updated: 5-22-22

B2B Data 4.0 Release Notes

We rebuilt the b2b asset from scratch to improve our ability to ingest new data at a higher rate of speed and quality.

  • This is the first delivery of the bifurcated active B2B data and the suppression asset files
  • Implemented the FCC Wireless block and portability data. This allows us to determine a distinction between mobile and non-mobile numbers with extreme confidence in order to improve compliance when using phone numbers for targeting purposes
  • We improved our fill rate across the board: mobile phone/ direct dial (~80% fill rate), LinkedInURL (~44%), and valid email status (~40%) - critical for improving our identity graph
  • We added 29 new features in this release - including record last updated, email validation timestamp, and professional address
  • We added dozens of new standardization, quality, and automation jobs to keep our co-op costs steady

B2C 1.2 Release Notes

We added 28.2M (109% increase) new mobile phone numbers to the B2C file. This increases our total phone count to 54.1M consumer phone numbers.

If you are subscribed to the B2B Export and B2C you will receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

If you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates or if there are any data projects that you’d like to see prioritized please email

We appreciate all of your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Co-founder of The Data Co-op