Data Co-op Update Logs - Issue #19

Data Co-op Update Logs - Issue #19
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All Digital data assets have been updated.

Available Product Schemas

  • MAID/HEM Extract 2.9 - Last Updated: 7-21-22
  • IP/MAID Extract 1.9 - Last Updated: 7-21-22
  • IP/MAID DA Extract 1.5 - Last Updated: 7-21-22
  • MAID/HEM DA Extract 1.5 - Last Updated: 7-21-22
  • IP>Company 1.3 - Last Updated: 7-21-22
  • Full B2B Contact Data 4.0 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • B2C Contact Data 1.2 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • Firmographic Data 1.6 - Last Updated: 6-27-22
  • Non-PII Contact Data 1.5 - Last Updated: 5-22-22

Next 30 Days Focus

  1. B2C: We’ve implemented new address standardization across the dataset. This address standardization will give us an increase in fill rate by allowing us to match additional attributes to the consumer data. We are primarily focused on adding mobile phone numbers and expect this count to go up quite significantly in the August release.
  2. B2B: Phone validation & LinkedIn linkage are our primary focuses for this upcoming release. We have 50M+ phone validation signals we are currently processing that we’re hoping to get into the next release.
  3. Digital: We have new quality assurance jobs we are adding to the maid/hem exports to reduce fraudulent pairs.
  4. Additional Notes: The automation jobs the team has developed over the last release have allowed us to drastically increase the volume of data we are able to ingest, transform, and process in our sprints. We are now projecting a 300% increase in the co-op datasets we can integrate moving forward.

If you are subscribed to the IP/MAID, MAID/HEM, IP/MAID DA, MAID/HEM DA, and IP>Company you will receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we have not mentioned.

We appreciate all of your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Co-founder of The Data Co-op