Data Co-op Update Logs - Issue #28

Hello Valued Co-Op Members,

Before we get started for this update we wanted to alert you that B2B 4.7, B2C 1.7, IP2Company 2.8 and Intent/ Behavioral Log File 1.0 are now available for delivery!

Highlights for this update:

  1. 3 New Products! (see descriptions below)
  • IP2HEM export
  • Audience Activation export
  • Intent/ Behavioral Log File

2.   Added the Company Domain Array feature to IP2Company, listing previously underlying company domains in descending order. The IP2Company product has also seen a ~20% month-over-month increase

3.   Co-op Wholesale DSP is up and running!

New Products!

  1. IP2HEM 1.0: Much like IP2Company, this new product allows for targeting the growing work from a home audience. This is a foundational product for fraud prevention (especially ad fraud), and represents an aggregation of all of the digital signals that we can tie to a hashed email (personal or professional). This will allow for even more accurate IP base targeting/ resolution.
  2. Audience Activation 1.0: This product finally provides co-op members an alternative way to activate audiences outside of LiveRamp!
  3. Intent/ Behavioral Log File 1.0: Because 5x5 has purchased a "Super Instance" of a DSP, we are now seeing 200k QPS flow into the Co-Op - To break it down, we essentially see every ad-supported page event in the US and can tie attribution at a person level (vs traditional IP resolution). This is a must have for anyone building contextual audiences or an intent feed.

Available Product Schemas

  1. NEW: IP2HEM 1.0 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  2. B2B Contact Data 4.7 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  3. B2C Contact Data 1.7 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  4. IP2Company 2.8 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  5. Firmographic Data 1.8 - Last Updated: 4-6-23
  6. NEW: Digital Activation 1.0 (beta) - Live: 3-24-23
  7. NEW: Intent/ Behavioral Log File 1.0 (beta)- Live: 3-24-23
  8. MAID/HEM Extract 2.17 - Last Updated: 3-20-23
  9. IP/MAID Extract 1.17 - Last Updated: 3-20-23
  10. IP/MAID DA Extract 1.13 - Last Updated: 3-20-23
  11. MAID/HEM DA Extract 1.13 - Last Updated: 3-20-23
  12. Cookie Pool 1.0 (beta) - Live: 3-6-23

Universal B2B Update

We've made a ton of progress! Here is an update:

  • We have refactored the B2B process and are no longer dependent on business email as a key identifier. This lays the foundation for a unified approach to identity
  • We've hired a VP of AI who is the principle product owner for all aspects of single entity resolution - as a result we've already noticed a ~20% reduction in duplicated identities
  • Built out the single entity framework
  • Made significant data quality improvements in the B2B dataset - e.g. Added a new logic to correct records in which first and last name were erroneously swapped based on business email

Phase 2 of Universal B2B:

  • Optimize the single entity process for scalability
  • Optimize ingestion of 12 new large scale contributors
  • Update single entity logic for flexible delivery (exposing personID in schema)

Here's what Universal B2B will solve for members:

  1. This will allow us to deliver a wider range of data to solve more co-op needs, no more reliance on email as a sole identifier
  2. Consolidation of duplicated identities
  3. Standardized unique ID will allow for simplified update cycle and increased privacy compliance
  4. Process data 3X faster (which will result in fresher data in future releases)
  5. The foundation for unified linkage across all data assets

We feel very confident with what we’ve learned this month that we will have a significant B2B release in May.

P.S. The co-op has increased its head count by over 40% in the last 60 days!

If you are subscribed to the B2B, Firmographic, B2C, IP2Company, or Intent/ Behavioral Log File exports, you'll receive a separate email with the bucket locations.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the most recent data delivery updates and if there are any data projects or issues that you’d like to see prioritized that we haven't mentioned.

We appreciate all your feedback,

Nick Weldon, Founder of The Data Co-op